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20 Oct 14 - health


  • Packed with protein Daionic, refreshes, refuels, and helps the body recover after exercise while supporting lean muscle growth
  • At 36g of protein per 330ml serving, Daionic contains more than any other sports nutrition drink
  • Amino acids allow protein to be absorbed quickly into the body - important elements in muscle tissue growth and muscle protein synthesis
  • Made with organic milk
  • Studies show that milk is the most effective rehydration drink
  • The high protein content is complemented by sufficient carbohydrates, which spares this protein from being utilised to refuel glycogen stores
  • 15.2g of carbohydrate per 330ml serving, which enhances amino acid uptake and reduces cortisol resulting in better muscle growth
  • Low glycaemic carbohydrate levels make Daionic perfect for carb conscious trainers
  • The protein and carbohydrate ratio also makes Daionic a perfect – and tasty - meal replacement shake too
  • Whey protein boosts the immune system by elevating the body’s level of glutathione – an anti-oxidant that reduces the number of cell damaging free radicals