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20 Oct 14 - nutrition


Organic milk is one of the key ingredients in our Daionic Shakes.

Organic means we do not use any chemical fertilisers or pesticides on the grass that the cows graze, unlike in conventional farming. They are also treated with the minimum use of Antibiotics.

This means that the milk in Daionic contains no chemicals of any sort. Organic milk provides the optimum nutrition possible in milk, including 20% more omega 3 than conventional milk.

The cows are given space to roam and have an excellent standard of care. Conventionally farmed dairy cows can be kept in intensive, cramped conditions; this is not allowed in organic farming. We think happy cows make better milk.

Our farm is checked every year by the Soil Association, the organisation which supervises the high standards which farms have to meet to achieve organic status.